Timers and Controls

Energy Saving Timers & Controls

Energy saving timer and control systems provide added flexibility in managing many areas of your home. In the bathroom, adding a time delay switch to your exhaust fan can allow you to ensure that all moisture is effectively removed conveniently and efficiently while reducing the likelihood of mildew and moisture damage. Timers are perfect for lights and many other household fixtures, providing added security and reducing energy use. We offer a full range of energy efficient controls and timers designed to provide added convenience and versatility throughout your home.

We offer energy saving controls from Sylvania, Intermatic, Leviton and more to replace wall switches in every room that provide exceptional flexibility for managing lighting, fans, air conditioners and other household appliances. Save time and effort while doing your part for the environment. EnergyEarth makes it easy to choose the right fixtures in the right color for the most attractive, convenient and energy efficient way to save money.