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Veolia ES Mixed CFL RecyclePak

Veolia ES Mixed CFL RecyclePak

Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) contain trace amounts of mercury. At the end of a bulb's life it should be recycled, rather than thrown away in the trash. This RecyclePak is large enough to accommodate encapsulated CFLs, reflectors and large spirals. Note: This service is not available in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or outside the United States. For single use only. Item #: EE5 | Model #: Supply-068 5 Made In USA Made In the USA

Price: $74.95

Energy efficient light bulb recycling is easy with our variety of recycling kit solutions. No matter what type of fluorescent bulb recycling you need, we can help you dispose of them easily and safely – and eco-friendly!  CFL bulb recycling is especially important to the environment since they contain trace amounts of mercury that should be kept out of landfills, if possible, to reduce possible environmental contamination. Choose the right lighting recycling kit for your needs and help the Earth today!