Intermatic® Electronic Time Switch (120V)
Estimated Product Savings Per Year Lifetime
Dollars Saved $7.75 $116.29
Kilowatt Hours Saved 66 986
Gallons of Water Saved 0 0
Trees Planted 0 1

Intermatic® Electronic Time Switch (120V)

This time switch provides automatic control for 120 volt electric water heaters. It provides to the minute accuracy in programming and time keeping. The time switch can be programmed for repeat daily scheduling, 5 day work week scheduling, weekend scheduling or any individual day scheduling. The timer can be scheduled for operation during the lowest time of day rates or to switch off the electric heater during periods of high peak power usage. The time switch can be set to operate for up to 6 on/off operations daily for a maximum of 42 on/off operations weekly. It provides a convenient external override switch and LED load indicator for ease in scheduling hot water as required for extra hot water demands. The timer includes a battery carryover which protects both time keeping and program information for a minimum of 3 years. The enclosure is NEMA 1 lockable steel which is painted with an electrostatic process to eliminate the potential for corrosion. The time switch enclosure provides 31 cubic inches of wiring space and has a non-removable cover which swings open a full 180 degrees. It offers clear terminal identification on a see through non-curling terminal insulator. Terminal connections are made using teeter type terminal screws to provide secure connections for wire sizes up to #10 AWG.


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