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The right energy efficient kits can save you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the products. The products in our energy efficient home kits are designed to cover the full spectrum of modern conservation techniques, including high efficiency lighting, low flow showerheads and fixtures, programmable thermostats, insulation solutions and more. Every product we sell is manufactured to ensure excellent performance and optimal results. These energy saving kits are a perfect housewarming gift and will impress friends and family with your thoughtfulness and commitment to saving money and natural resources.

Our selection of energy efficiency kits are designed to fit any budget and any home size. Our LED lighting solutions can save you money; in fact, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) estimates that by replacing just 15 incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs, you can save around $50 each year! Combine that savings with our lifetime guarantee on many of our products, and you'll see that our kits pay for themselves in no time. Save water, save electricity and save the Earth. Choosing one of EnergyEarth's energy conservation kits is the perfect way to start.