Evolve™ ShowerStart™ Roadrunner Showerhead
Estimated Product Savings Per Year Lifetime
Dollars Saved $220.64 $3,309.64
Kilowatt Hours Saved 1,402 21,035
Gallons of Water Saved 9,855 147,825
Trees Planted 1 11

Evolve™ ShowerStart™ Roadrunner Showerhead

This showerhead features a maximum flow rate of 1.6 gallons per minute (GPM) and a pressure compensating flow regulator (insuring consistent performance from 40 to 80 psi of water pressure), a non-aerated rain style spray pattern to deliver better water coverage and showering comfort and reduced diameter spray nozzles. The most unique feature is Evolve's ShowerStart technology. When the shower is initially turned on the ShowerStart device monitors the water temperature. When the water temperature reaches bathing temperature (95F/35C), the conservation mode is activated and the device triggers a trickle of water to tell you that your shower is ready. This eliminates hot water running down the drain before you're ready to get in the shower. The water for your shower is now warm and waiting instead of warm and wasted. Just turn the valve on the showerhead and enjoy your shower. The ShowerStart device automatically resets after each shower. Features a solid brass fitting with an ABS body, a head diameter of 3.25" and attaches to any shower arm with standard 1/2" fittings.


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