18W Simply Conserve CFL

Price: $2.75

Item Number EE2462
Model Number L30118T2
Estimated Savings

Estimated Product Savings

Kilowatt Hours Saved

86 per year
564 life of product

Dollars Saved

$10.92 per year
$71.80 life of product

Gallons of Water Saved

0 per year
0 life of product

Trees Planted

0 per year
0 life of product
Full Details

The LUMAcoil™ is a T-2 compact fluorescent developed to be environmentally friendly, have long life, high lumens per watt and great energy savings.  The LUMAcoil’s™ fit most places incandescent bulbs do! 

Specs and Features
Color Temperature 2700K
Item Number EE2462
Light Output (Brightness) 1,200 lumens
Model Number L30118T2
Rated Lifetime 12,000 hours
Recommended Incandescent Replacement 60 watts
Wattage 13 watts
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A savings estimate is not available for this product. While this product may help you save money and natural resources, determining the savings estimate is difficult due to the nature of the product. Several reasons include:

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  • This product is used to monitor your energy and/or natural resource consumption.
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