Outdoor Lighting

Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting

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When lighting the exterior of your home, keep in mind that outdoor lighting can be just as efficient as its indoor counterparts. To illuminate the area around walkways or shrubbery, solar lighting is a great option. Solar energy is one of the most cost effective and environmentally friendly ways to illuminate the outside areas of your home. Solar lighting uses no electricity, so it won’t run up your electric bill the way other options will. Plus, solar lights have no unsightly wires to plug in, and have a built in darkness sensor, meaning they’ll only shine at night. Another energy efficient option is LED bulbs which can be used in outdoor fixtures, such as lanterns, sconces or floodlights. LED bulbs, as well as CFLs, can save up to 75 percent more energy than incandescent bulbs, which waste much of their energy as heat, not light. We offer many options of outdoor electricity saving devices that can keep your electric bills low while increasing the sustainability and energy efficiency of your home.