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Get To Know Us

Founded in 2011, EnergyEarth is a company of innovators committed to our partners, customers and the protection of the Earth’s natural resources. We provide a wide variety of products and incentive services to businesses and consumers to help achieve this mission. From individual homeowners to Fortune 500 companies, EnergyEarth is leading the way and inspiring a culture of conservation across the nation through our innovative incentive solutions and energy efficient product offerings.

Incentives That Inspire

EnergyEarth offers unique programs designed to help companies incentivize, reward and influence customer and employee behavior. Our incentive and reward programs help businesses retain and acquire customers, meeting their business and sustainability goals. Our Employee Reward Programs are a great way to incentivize staff and boost productivity. We have combined traditional incentives and rewards, such as gift cards and Visa® prepaid cards with energy efficient products, to offer our partners a unique incentive with a distinct competitive advantage for a variety of programs. Whether it’s customer rewards, customer retention, employee awards or paperless billing, EnergyEarth’s flexible programs are customizable for any of your incentive needs.

EnergyEarth Superstore

We know it is important to not only take care of our homes, but also our environment. Our one-stop ecommerce superstore offers hundreds of useful products related to the conservation of natural resources. Our products and energy saving kits promote a healthier, more sustainable environment and provide increased comfort while reducing energy use in innovative, economical ways. We offer informative educational materials, unmatched pricing on our products and the highest level of customer service available in order to encourage a mindset of efficiency. Not sure where to start? No problem! Visit our easy-to-use online home energy audit to see what products could benefit your home and how much you can save.

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Unique Rewards

Your customers and employees will be thrilled when you reward them with exactly what they want: the ability to choose their own rewards! Our value-added rewards ensure your customers and employees feel recognized, motivated and appreciated. EnergyEarth offers a variety of reward options to appeal to everyone, including gift cards to popular restaurants and stores, charitable donations, Visa prepaid cards and energy efficient products from our ecommerce site. All our rewards enhance your customer and employee engagement, while our unique energy efficient and utility saving products and charitable donation options will make a positive impact on your corporate sustainability efforts.