MaxLite LED 6W (50W Equivalent) PAR20 Dimmable Flood (3000k)

Price: $4.95

Brand MaxLite
Item Number EE3223
Model Number 6P20DLED30FL
Estimated Savings

Estimated Product Savings

Kilowatt Hours Saved

80 per year
1,100 life of product

Dollars Saved

$10.33 per year
$141.52 life of product

Gallons of Water Saved

0 per year
0 life of product

Trees Planted

0 per year
1 life of product
Full Details

MaxLite’s energy-efficient PAR lamps offer 6W LED replacement for 50W incandescent lamps to significantly reduce your carbon footprint while maintaining a very high quality of light. The LEDLamps produce a strong center beam candle power that provides bright and crisp lighting to showcase artwork and products.

Specs and Features
Base Type Medium
Brand MaxLite
Color Temperature 3000k
Item Number EE3223
Model Number 6P20DLED30FL
Rated Lifetime 25,000 hours
Recommended Incandescent Replacement 50 watt
Shape PAR20
Wattage 6
Customer Reviews
  Bright light, 1/24/2018 8:01:06 PM , updated 1/24/2018 8:09:05 PM

By Anonymous

Replaced a standard 50w incadescent in my can lights on the ceiling above my sink. These bulbs are whiter and brighter and makes my sink area look great. Highly recommended. 50w vs 6w is great.

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