E.E.D. Watts Up? Monitor

Price: $94.95

Made In USA Made In the USA 4Ever 
Brand Electronic Educational Devices
Item Number EE47
Model Number 57777
Dimensions 4" width, 7" length, 2" thick
Power Requirements 120 volts AC, 50/60 Hz
Estimated Savings

Estimated Product Savings

Kilowatt Hours Saved

720 per year
10,800 life of product

Dollars Saved

$84.96 per year
$1,274.40 life of product

Gallons of Water Saved

0 per year
0 life of product

Trees Planted

0 per year
6 life of product
Full Details

Find out how much energy the electrical items in your home or office use. This Watts Up? Electricity Monitor incorporates sophisticated features such as high frequency sampling of both voltage and current measurements to monitor true power while presenting the information in an easy to understand display format. Using the device is simple. Just plug the Watts Up? Monitor into any 3-prong grounded electrical outlet, the monitor is on a 6' cord to make it easier to view the display, then plug the device to be evaluated into the top of the monitor. The monitor will immediately display the wattage demanded by the electrical device. If the monitor is left plugged in for a period of time it will display the cumulative amount of electricity consumed or the cumulative cost of the electricity used based on your local electricity rates. This model provides the following information: current watts, minimum watts, maximum watts, power factor, cumulative watt hours, average monthly kilowatt hours, tier 2 kilowatt hour threshold (used to calculate secondary kWh rates), elapsed time, cumulative cost, average monthly cost, line volts, minimum volts, maximum volts, current amps, minimum amps and maximum amps.

Specs and Features
4ever Guarantee 4ever Product
Accuracy +/- 1.5%
Brand Electronic Educational Devices
Certifications UL (C), UL (US)
Dimensions 4" width, 7" length, 2" thick
ENERGY STAR Qualified No
Item Number EE47
Model Number 57777
Origin USA
Power Requirements 120 volts AC, 50/60 Hz
Warranty 1 year
Weight 1.5 lbs.
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