sensor/timer savings calculations

These calculations display your estimated savings based on assumptions below

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cost per kilowatt hour
average daily use without sensor/timer hours
average daily use with sensor/timer hours
total wattage W

How your savings are calculated

Step 1 determine total power saved

8 hrs without sensor/timer - 5 hrs with sensor/timer = 3 hours saved per day

60 watts x 3 hrs saved = 180 Wh daily savings

180 Wh / 1000 W/kW = 0.18 kWh daily savings

Step 2 determine energy savings

0.18 kWh daily x 365 days/year = 65.7 kWh yearly savings

65.7 kWh yearly x 15 year life span = 985.5 kWh lifetime savings

Step 3 determine money savings

65.7 kWh yearly savings x $0.118 per kWh = $7.75 yearly savings

985.5 kWh lifetime savings x $0.118 per kWh = $116.29 lifetime savings

Savings calculations are presented as an example of potential savings; actual savings may vary based on use, utility rates and other factors. Calculations are based on national averages and assumptions and may be adjusted for a more accurate estimate of individual savings. While EnergyEarth strives to provide the most accurate information, we cannot guarantee the savings displayed.