Delayed Fulfillment (Optional)

Delayed Fulfillment is an optional function which allows you to specify a date in the future on which these rewards will be processed. An example of when this function is most commonly used is for holiday orders where a company would like to get their order in early so that the cost can be attributed to a specific period, event, activity, or budget. 

The term "processed" refers to when the rewards will be physically created and become ready for shipment.  The order will be shipped within one (1) business day of being processed.  This option can only be used for a fulfillment date that is more than a week out from the current date. 

If fulfillment is needed within seven (7) days from the current date, there is no need to use this feature, therefore please leave blank. 

If no date is provided, the rewards will be processed and shipped when payment is received.

Actual delivery times may vary.  Please allow 2-5 business days from the Delayed Fulfillment (Process on:) date for your order to be delivered.