Learn More About Refrigerators

The average cost of running an older model refrigerator is more than three times that of a newer, energy efficient model. Depending on how old your current refrigerator is, replacing it with an energy efficient model can save you $200 or more each year in energy costs. Choosing an ENERGY STAR® qualified model will save you an additional $165 or more over the life your refrigerator.

Position your refrigerator out of direct sunlight, away from vents and with enough space for air flow and to vacuum the coils for the highest energy savings. Set the internal temperature between 35F (1C) and 38F (3C) and the freezer at 0F (-17C); each degree the temperature is lowered decreases its efficiency by 2.5%. Don't forget to recycle your old model; in many areas companies offer a complimentary pick-up service, some will even pay money for it! Now those are some cool savings.

Buying Guide

We offer several different types of refrigerators, choose the model that's right for your individual needs and start saving!

Don't forget these helpful hints for selecting a new ENERGY STAR® qualified refrigerator: