Things To Know About Outdoors
  • Use sprinklers for large areas of grass or large gardens; water smaller areas by hand to avoid waste. Install a rain sensor on your sprinkler system controller so it won't run when it's raining. Using a rain gauge can also help you to adjust your watering to prevent excess watering.
  • Fit your garden hose with an adjustable nozzle. While any nozzle is better than none, adjustable nozzles are better options because they can be easily switched from a powerful stream to a fine mist depending on the need. Plastic wands and trigger attachments with a variety of spray options are also available; just spin the front nozzle and choose between jet, cone, spray, mist and more.
  • Soaker hoses are efficient attachments that can also improve your lawn and garden's health. Soaker hoses deliver water to the roots, where it isn't wasted and where plants need it most. Additionally, consider purchasing a timer for your soaker hose.
  • Make the most of the rain with a rain barrel water storage system. Simply catch the rain in the easy to use reservoir and use it later to water your lawn, garden or inside plants.
  • Install a motion sensor on your outdoor security lighting. Set it to automatically turn off between 1 and 15 minutes and watch the savings roll in without compromising safety. Want it on all night? Choose an outdoor timer or a photo cell device instead.
  • A variety of outdoor lighting is available in solar powered and other energy-saving models. These are not only extremely eco-friendly; solar powered models can be operated at no additional expense after purchase.
  • Love spending time outdoors in the evening but hate the bugs? Switch your regular light bulbs for yellow filtered CFLs. The yellow attracts fewer bugs while still featuring the energy-savings of other CFLs.
  • If you own a pet, consider replacing your current pet door with an energy efficient one. They come in variety of sizes just like the old ones, but have an air tight seal that minimizes the outside air getting in while still allowing your pet to come and go as they please. All the benefits without the hassle!
  • Simplify caring for your pool or hot tub without wasting energy by installing a heavy duty timer designed specifically designed for it. Many offer a daily repeating timer with a manual override, so you can truly set it and forget it and still save!