M-D High Density Foam Tape (Gray)

M-D High Density Foam Tape (Gray)

This Macklanburg-Duncan high density foam tape is an inexpensive weatherstripping solution for use on door jambs and on the bottom of window sashes and requires minimal compression for a weathertight seal. Gray. Item #: EE552 | Model #: 02253

Price: $4.45

M-D Large Gap EPDM Window Weatherseal  (White)

M-D Large Gap EPDM Window Weatherseal (White)

This rubber weather seal is guaranteed to remain flexible in temperatures from -40F (-40C) to 140F (60C) for 10 years. Seals out drafts, dust and moisture around doors and windows. Item #: EE509 | Model #: 63669

Price: $6.45

M-D Automatic Door Sweeps (Brown)

M-D Automatic Door Sweeps (Brown)

Automatic door sweeps rise when the door is open to clear carpets and rugs and seal the gap between the door and threshold when the door is closed. Item #: EE504 | Model #: 07153

Price: $9.95

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Programmable thermostats are great weatherization tools designed to monitor the temperature in your home and ensure that air conditioning and heating are being used minimally at peak hours.

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