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Weather Stripping and Draft Protection
Safety Caps Outlet Plug

Safety Caps Outlet Plug

Electric outlet plugs reduce air leaks from the wall cavity into the living area through unused electric outlets, while also making a house safer for children. Item #: EE477 | Model #: 33-1110842 Made In USA Made In the USA 4Ever 

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Weather stripping and draft protection work to keep interior air in your home and exterior air out, which saves energy in heating and air conditioning. Draft protection is provided by weather stripping through sealing door and window openings from the elements or keeping rainwater out of your home. Weather stripping tape is an inexpensive way to create a tighter seal around windows and doors. Another weatherization option, the chimney balloon, is a fireplace draft stopper which acts as an inflatable fireplace chimney plug to stop cold chimney drafts from entering your home. These energy saving products will help keep your home a comfortable temperature and will prevent your HVAC system from working overtime.