Solar Lighting
Luci​® Solar Inflatable Base Light

Luci​® Solar Inflatable Base Light

Luci Solar Inflatable Base Light is a powerful and reliable light ideal for camping, outdoor adventures  and emergency relief. Luci Solar Inflatable Base Light evenly disperses 360 lumens of light, creating a  beautiful yet powerful glow. Luci Solar Inflatable Base Light packs flat like our other Luci lights,  maximizing brightness while minimizing space. It is the only light on the market that is solar powered,  collapsible, and lightweight that can produce 360 lumens and can last up to 50 hours on a single  charge. Item #: EE6935 | Model #: 1033-001-001-028 

Price: $54.99

Solar energy is one of the most cost effective and environmentally friendly ways to illuminate the outside areas of your home. Solar powered lights can provide all the light you need without adding a single penny to your electricity bill.

Solar lighting isn’t limited to the yard. Sheds, garages and other outdoor rooms can be easily and inexpensively illuminated with especially designed solar lights. Simply place the panel on the outside of the space you want to light and let the sun do the rest!