Solar Lighting
4 Pack - Luci EMRG

4 Pack - Luci EMRG

Luci EMRG is a pocket-sized lantern, flashlight and emergency light all-in-one. Needing only sunlight to stay charged, Luci EMRG shines reliably through storms, blackouts, roadside trouble or whenever you need light. Waterproof, lightweight, and extremely durable, tuck one in your travel bag, keep one in your car and store one in your emergency kit. Item #: EE6104 | Model #: 1005-005-001-002

Price: $71.96

Solar energy is one of the most cost effective and environmentally friendly ways to illuminate the outside areas of your home. Solar powered lights can provide all the light you need without adding a single penny to your electricity bill.

Solar lighting isn’t limited to the yard. Sheds, garages and other outdoor rooms can be easily and inexpensively illuminated with especially designed solar lights. Simply place the panel on the outside of the space you want to light and let the sun do the rest!