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Rain Water Storage Systems
Rain Wizard Rock - Red Brick

Rain Wizard Rock - Red Brick

The Rain Wizard Rock is a 42 gallon capacity rain barrel with a rock fa├žade. Its unique shape and color realistically mimic the look of a natural rock found in a quarry protruding from the ground. Red brick. Item #: EE370 | Model #: RWWR42-RED Made In USA Made In the USA

Price: $79.95

Rainwater storage systems collect the natural rain around your home that would normally seep into the ground, and treat it for reuse. Rainwater is collected in a rain barrel which is then used to store the water until it needs to be used. Rainwater harvesting has a myriad of uses, from watering a garden, water for pets or livestock, water for heating your home or for drinking after filtration and sanitization. Rain barrel systems can cut down your water bill costs and promote both water and energy conservation.