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18W Simply Conserve CFL

18W Simply Conserve CFL

The LUMAcoil™ is a T-2 compact fluorescent developed to be environmentally friendly, have long life, high lumens per watt and great energy savings. The LUMAcoil’s™ fit most places incandescent bulbs do! Item #: EE2462 | Model #: L30118T2

Price: $2.75

With energy saving lighting, you can reduce your electricity bills substantially, just by changing a few bulbs!

We offer a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors of eco-friendly lighting, making it easy to find an environmentally-friendly solution for every lamp and light fixture in your home.

Green lighting will instantly update your home to be more environmentally-friendly and cost efficient. Changing your light bulbs only takes a few second and is a quick and easy way to go green. Start saving today!