LED Bulbs
Feit LED 20 Watt BR30 (85 W) 2700K Dimmable

Feit LED 20 Watt BR30 (85 W) 2700K Dimmable

This High Powered 20 Watt Dimmable Performance LED is a direct replacement for a 85 Watt BR30. It has an average life of 25,000 Hours. It is also RoHS Compliant and mercury free. Item #: EE1376 | Model #: BR30HO/LEDG2

Price: $20.95

Lighting your home can use a lot of electricity and add a lot on to your monthly utility bills. One easy and cost effective switch is to change from traditional incandescent light bulbs to LED light bulbs. Install dimmer switches with your LED lights and you can use even less power!

It’s easy to switch to LED lighting. We offer a wide selection of LED bulbs in many shapes, sizes and colors to perfectly replace incandescent bulbs. Change your light bulbs today and start seeing the savings on your next bill!