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Belkin Conserve Socket

Belkin Conserve Socket

Many electronic rechargeable devices, such as cell phones, cordless drills and other items with internal rechargeable batteries continue to use power even after the device is charged. The Belkin Conserve Socket eliminates this wasted energy by shutting off power to these and many other devices when you don't need them. Item #: EE120 | Model #: F7C009FC 4Ever 

Price: $12.95

Smart surge protectors guard your expensive electronic equipment against unexpected power surges while saving you money by reducing energy use. Energy saving power strips can turn off electronics when they are not in use, reducing your utility bills and helping you reduce your demand for natural resources.

Our wide selection of power saving surge protectors and smart power strips includes features such as automatic shut-off for items that are fully charged or not in use and master outlet control, allowing you to turn off multiple items at once. At EnergyEarth, we collect the finest, most energy efficient products on the market and make them available to you, helping you keep your electronics protected while saving money and electricity at the same time.