Energy Conservation Accessories

LED Night Light


Energy conservation accessories are important elements in any green home. We offer night lights, chargers, rechargeable batteries, pet doors and more designed specifically to save money and energy in the household environment. Our products offer exceptional value and versatility, helping you save in every room of your home.

Looking for a new pet door? We offer three convenient sizes that can be installed in either doors or in walls. Enjoy the convenience of a conventional pet door while maintaining a tight seal against outdoor air, reducing the cost of heating and cooling while allowing pets to go outdoors as they need.

Charge your iPod, cell phone, eReader and tablet all in one place with an all-in-one charging station. This energy conserving accessory provides solid, stable charging power and shuts off automatically when the charge is complete.

We offer an extensive selection of rechargeable batteries allowing you to buy with confidence from us. Our night lights provide confidence inspiring light for children's rooms, hallways or bathrooms while using minimal energy. Our wide range of energy conserving accessories is designed to complement your entire home.